1-testosterone cypionate or DHB better information


Crayon version for you pups…


Hahahahs what the fuck happened here lol. Gay porn gay for pay lol. Is he a Bostin Lyod fan. And you get a free eduction here in American k-12 so you didn’t pay $100k to learn to underline words. Lol


You see Range15? That was the most homo military movie iver, also amongst the most realistic. I really enjoyed it.

Never had so many laughs at how gay the military is, fun but gay as fuck. Top Gun Volleyball?

@SemperFi I wasn’t referring to you my little silver twunk, your more geared toward the older crowd.

NOW! @Berserker that guy drives em nunts with them Ranger Panties!


Im more into the jizz coming out my nostrils while keeping a tight grip with my lips.
I call it “The Raging Bull of Tren Blow”. Cleanups the worst for everbody, go ahead and just shave.

I"m having a blast on this thread and agee with you 100% @TrenGod that BoldCyp is real, it is also constantly being confused with DHB, not just confused but intentionally mislabeled and sold and short actin BOLD CYP. I’d love to find some bold cyp that was legit, bold acetate made me sick as fuck for 3 days, never again. But why no maket for bold CYp that is legit? Clearly the chemical exists. Morphine repectors ore lagely in the GI tract which is what causes nausea for junkies going up and coming down. I wonder if the hunger factor that is such a big part of Boldenone could play into that affecting receptors in GI tract, and shorter ester boldenones just do not agree with folks. They do indead exist in Caymans catalogue., so don’t say they aren’t real!


Well this thread went straight off the rails!


Thanks for playing…next time we will discuss opioid receptors


:joy::joy::joy::joy: @rnmuscle the perfect comic relief


That’s what happens when you spend a lot of time telling people how stupid they are instead of trying to meet them where they are at and work in a positive way… It was jymbo’s turn to be put in the barrell.


Maybe pharmacom or aipctshop have meds for his autism? @Fitraver


I’m sure they could make something happen. :joy:


Now we know your full of it. @TrenGod has skills and caught you.



What’s this guys fascination with dicks? I’m assuming he likes the male gender?


I like how he thought editing something just made it disappear for all eternity like TG can’t see it still lol


I fill them out just fine too hahaha.


He sees everything😰


Dude go sip some wine … Put on some prep h and saran wrap and go tan. Take some dyazide…I’m just Fuckin with you, kick some ass. I used to get nervous like I was going out to play football or wrestle. One time it finally dawned on me that I was going out in a little black loin cloth!!! The work is pretty much done…good luck. I would love it if you smoked Labrada and win the whole thing…you would definitely have to raise your prices on the training though. LOL…


Hahahahs damn I remember that prep h and Saran Wrap lol. Thanks bro dyziade goes in tmro night. I’m not in labrada class lol. He is a heavy favorite for that class


Wine tmro night also lol


Wine as in tears of joy?


See how much faith I have…I meant the overall!!! I love talking about the crazy stuff and comraderie or lack thereof. Thiomucase in every form…I still don’t know exactly what was in the original from France. You’ll understand this does anyone do magnesium citrate or something to clear out the bowels before “carbing up” I did it twice once before like wed late and once Friday late afternoon. I was really cautious because of the mix with diuretics so it was really no difference. I don’t know why I thought of that but it seemed like guys were doing that 25 years ago in some fashion.