1-testosterone cypionate or DHB better information


Please show me boldenone Cypionate, why does nobody use it? Ive seen acetate and prop, but am the only person to use the horrible componds. SO whats the deal with these chems because it feels like the chinese makers I kind of giving us the run arround. I realize I mispoke calling it EQ by its brand name but meant boldenone. Why no short ester legit boldenones, we are awash in short ester test, tren, deca, Mast, etc, why no boldenone. And I’d like to see the legit Bold CYP molecule and if yo could tell me why it isn’t widey poplular or even available. Id be interested.

so doing some idgging , all the other boldenone esters do exist but nobody cares about or uses them. Thats what I gathered. No point in daily injecitons of a coumpound that takes months to do its thing. A good bit of what gets sold as BoldCyp is DHB IN MY OPINION.


Your exactly correct about the raw manufacturers giving us the run around.
That’s who created this whole mess and confusion. They even had me believing that it was the 5a reduction of primo which is not the case it just has a similar layout but is a completely different compound.
I will get the boldenone cypionate structure right now for you.
I spent almost 4hrs going through everything you can imagine about this issue. I spoke with William llewellyn also. I mean the amount of bs out there confusing every one is crazy.


I don’t mean to sound rude, or like I don’t think you know your shit well. But the ammount of disinformation is midblowing even for a PHD in biochemistry. Its good to be able to bang our heads together and try and figureout if what we are injectinge is safe or effective. LOL Thanks bud.



There you go brother that’s the structure of boldenone cypionate.
I don’t want you to think that im arguing with you. Im just trying to clear all of this up. I mean I honestly couldn’t believe after all those hours I spent searching and reading I believe that I found maybe 3 real articles that were correct and not full of bs.


Im not confused. As stated before bold cyp is bold with cyp ester. Eq is bold undecanoate. 1test is dhb.


Yes sorry I did spell that completely wrong lol

The article above that I posted I thought was the best out of all.


A PHD in biochemistry? Not a chance in a million years…lets look up your published work.


This is the actual confusion though in all reality yes 1testcyp is dhb but there both brand names given to a compound thats name isn’t anything close to dihydroboldenone I really believe that this is what is really messing up everything surrounding this topic.

1-dehydroandrostanolone is the actual compound and I guess you would have to add cypionate to it but that’s a mouthful.
I would call it dhb also lol


Look back I had it right in 5 seconds. im no hawking, but you’ve never probably taken a chem class.


This is true also the pain from inj is insane on these other boldenone esters the shorter the worse it gets.
I believe that in all reality some one could just as easily sell EQ as boldenone cypionate also its a dirty game.


I never claimed to have a degree chemistry is my hobby This would could cause a legit Chemist to lose his mind. iF I had a degree in upper level chemistry, Id be doing something better than hanging with you kncuckleheads, injecting yourselfs with god knows what becasues the CHineses chem guy gave it two thumbs up and a big toothless grin.


Ive never taken a chem class lol
Shit I barely finished high school


And why can anybody sell legit bold cyp?


School is not place for smart people.


Well it would be extremely easy for a src or sponsor to tell the difference. Eq at room temperature is a liquid oily substance boldenone cypionate is also a very oily substance but it is a crystalline form


Obviously you’ve never taken chemistry or you would know Cayman Chem sells the product to scientists and they are a world wide company providing chemicals. Headquartered in US and locations in Europe as well. With over 150 scientists on staff.

A market for selling the product is probably a waste. That doesnt mean the product doesnt exist or in your mind only in the china raw market.


Shit good point I forgot that Cayman chem was also a usa company.


I’m sure there were other reasons being an unteachable, obstinate mental moron with a for sure horrible physique as well, was not one of them…just joking jumbo I’m sure your a fine specimen and a wonderful chemist.


Try me…


Cayman has been around since the 1980s and well respected as a chemical source for science.