1-Test Cyp Flash Sale!


Want to let everyone know we are having a 1-Test Cyp flash sale! It is only $25 per 10ml vial while supplies last! One thing i should mention is that being 1-test cyp and its melting point it is hard to keep from crystallizing in the vial without using alot of solvents so just be aware that The vials are crystallized a bit so if you have ever gotten our injectable orals you know just to heat it up on a hot plate or wax warmer and shake until its in solution and crystal clear, it will literally flow like water! This is a newer compound and i have not personally tried it but at $25 a vial yall could have a chance to get a whole cycle of it for as little as $125. I would love to explain the compound completely but there is a vast areay of knowledge on the internet, a simple search could get you most info that you are looking for (remember to VPN)


I really want to see some people get on this and give their feedback. This is an amazing compound with pretty low sides. Strength gains and increase metabolism.


I definitely do not need a increase in metabolism, but if I was I would definetly jump on it, sounds like a great deal @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Im sending you a message


Some more info on the compound: being that it converts to DHT in the body it will cause great labido rise as well! And will enhance other compounds in the cycle as well, sorta like proviron does.


I’ve heard that its effects are similar to Primo. Very mild retain able gains.


Yes its definitely not used for a bulker, more like a cutter to loose the fat and maintain / gain a bit of lean mass. Its definitely a unique compound.


I’m down to give it a shot! I’ll shoot you an email


I’m interestec


Nice sale!

Why even mess with the conversion. 1-test is a lot less effective than Stanolone in my personal experience as a cutting agent. The CNS stimulation, strength increases, muscle hardness and overall lean effect of pure DHT is unbeatable. Watch the hairline … It migrates to your back! :wink:


Once I go completely bald I will definitely run stenbolone. Until then though I’ll stick with Primo or 1-testcyp.
I tried to run just a little mast one time and just two weeks in I could see my hair disappearing


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How do I get a few


@Hoodsta23 Please send us an email at [email protected] for further info brother


Just did brother

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