1-Test cyp cycle anyone?


How do you guys like it? I just got some and at what mg should I be running it?


I have a log running on it. I’ve got what dosages and some of my random thoughts and reactions from the past 7 weeks. It’s labeled gingerlifter and his dhb cycle.


I ran it for several months a couple of years ago. I liked it except for the fact that it made me sweat horribly 24/7 while I was on it.
Positives: It didn’t seem to have a detrimental effect on my bloodwork. It didn’t seem to affect my hair. No effect on my libido one way or the other. Hardened me up similar to primo.
Negative: the sweats as I mentioned. Difficult to find the real thing. I ran it between what was supposed to be 200mg and 800mg at times, sweated with any dose. I don’t know how much I ran exactly because I didn’t have it analyzed since I couldn’t find anyone with a reference standard at the time. Primo made me look more 3D, but has a negative impact on my hairline. The biggest negative I ran into was that depending on the lab the PIP could be unbearable. With the International Anabolics DHB a glute injection made it look like I had two butts, seriously. I’ve never had an experience like that before or since. Extremely painful. And the pain lasted for almost 3 weeks.


Yes Bro the PIP was very painful but I loved the results I got from it I ran it at 450mg for 8wks with 200mg of Tcyp.


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There are ways to make it very pip friendly. Half MCT and half Mig is the trick. Check with Berserker on this forum. He can expand.


Im going to make a post about mct and mig.


I can attest to what @Ldog said. I’m running DHB right now from a source that is, hopefully, going to be on here soon. It’s had 3 revisions and I can tell you that I was using 3ml of his DHB at a time (9 total ml a week in 3 pins) and it has near 0 pip. Really, I equate the minuscule pip I get to the fact that I’m pumping 3ml of DHB into my quads. 1ml and it’s like I didnt even pin. Mig/MCT blend for life!


Good info bro


mine also is pip free. I’m excited to see what it does. Seems like a underrated drug.


The hardest thing about the compound is that if it’s not brewed well, the PIP not only is pretty bad, but the knots and tightness can last for a week or longer. At this point it start to effect your training so a lot of people say screw it.


I need someone to send me a pm with the src with no pip dhb or 1testcyp
I want to run it bad like this
Testosterone enanthate 500mg
Dhb 400
Primo 400
Mhn 30mg


PM sent homie.


Did you get what you needed? I’m sure B pointed you in the right direction.


Ive been in touch