1" pin or 1.5" pin for the glutes



Pecs and shoulders are the best for tren and prop . Only bc i use half inch slin and i inject everyday . Sucks asshole filling 3cc every other day lol


So I did the pec today fellas, .5 ml of Tren ,smooth as butter but I will admit it’s a little soar due to being a virgin muscle.


Congrats bro lol. It’s do easy and when you get used to it it’s smooth. And you can hold a good but of oil in there when the muscle is primed. I can do 1.5ml but I think that’s mac capacity


I try to do my injections after i workout . For some reason im less sore when i inject warm muscles


This is exactly it if you’re lean and can go deep with 1" then 1.5" isn’t needed anymore.

It can also just be preference because I just prefer using 1.5" in my legs but its 1" everywhere else


I don’t know about pushing 2ml primo SQ man. I’ve never tried but I’ve always been told 1ml tops for sq. I would think it would leak or cause a lot of irritation. Let me know how it goes though lmao. If it works I might try it. I got pretty low body fat so I do IM injections with everything. 1ml or under I use 1/2 pins but more than that and I go to the 1" so I don’t have leakage.


That’s not a bad idea pinning after workout. Currently I like to pin right when I get the shower.


Have to agree with @Berserker on this that’s a lot of oil. Plus I don’t really buy the whole
Subq thing. I think you’re looking for trouble. It says infra-muscular for A reason.

I’m going to ask some of my pro bodybuilder peeps but I’ve never heard of people Doing. Only on here.

Last thing you want is a big oil build up.


I got the advice from pros in my area . I was told half inch slin pins for ace , prop and water bases. Of course you cant put 3cc a half inch in the muscle but .5 ml and less is all i do sub q brother .


I can see bi and tri using a slin pen I’ve done those but I feel it’s better with atleast 5/8 which I do once in a while. And yes those are small muscles so 1/2 a mil is about all you want to do.

Be interested in what pros you talked to?


i am curious who would pin 5/8” for an oil? I was told a long time ago from who I learned from, a chemist, 1” is the smallest pin to use OUTSIDE of glutes for maximum absorption of your product. So I’ve never done anything less than 1”. Always 1.5” in glutes. Just doesn’t seem deep enough for intramuscular. And over 1CC that shallow would give you a bump. I’d be interested in hearing from those who have success with shorter pins


I believe the same thing but these guys started talking about pinning subq which I did try it with 1 ml in my leg.
I don’t believe that I will do it again im going to stick with my 1" 25g and 1.5" 25g

I used a 30g 5/16 to pin nandrolone base in my leg it worked. I didn’t have any issues but I would rather stay deep IM


For me, it depends on the amount of oil I’m pinning. “In the muscle”, is in the muscle. Doesn’t matter how deep it is. What matters is how much oil I intend to stay in the muscle. If I’m too shallow and trying to pin a milliliter or more of oil, probably half is going to leak out of the muscle and essentially become sub q. Pinning .3 to .5ml it isn’t going to leak. Now if you are a bit over weight with higher body fat then of course shorter pins arent getting into the muscle at all. That’s why the 1" is often suggested. Just to ensure you are in the muscle.


The only reason i looked into this and started trying it for myself was the frequency in which my injections needed to be spread apart throughout the week . Tren ace ,mast prop , oral injectables, all short estered . I agree that intramuscular is the best way to ensure you absorb every bit of the product . Pinning .3 and .5 ml of ace and prop in biceps and pecs took so much oil out of my weekly 3cc glute and 2cc shoulder injections. It might not work for everyone.


Not everyone is a fan of it for sure but i think it works well for me.


I’ve used 5/8 for years maybe 10 or more I’ve done 5/8 in glute when I didn’t have any 1” or 1.5”. Ur I prefer the 1” for glutes since bigger muscle. I always pin my quads, calves, delts (front sides n rears) with 5/8 bi n tri. I’ve also used slin pins for bi which actually I like. I also do lats with 5/8. When competing you can pen up to twice a day and you really have to rotate spots.

I think I just started 5/8 because honestly I hate needles and going that deep lol. But I don’t think it’s hindered my growth lol

Anyways that’s why I use 5/8


My bf % has always been low enough that I can use 1” and I’m gtg I have used 1.5” but 1” is less metal I have to stick in my ass.


I can agree with that I just can’t get away from using 1.5 in my legs


Yeah it was definitely another one of my bad ideas.

I just wanted to say to everyone that no one knows everything even @PHD our very advanced member who is extremely knowledgeable has a coach. This is what ugmuscle.com is for so we can discuss these ideas and learn that they are not a good idea before we go and stick ourselves lol


Alteration of location is so important to not build scar tissue. That also counts for depth. The ultimate result is less pained better absorption. Vary it to see what works best for you. The tendency for those who give themselves their own injection is the limitation of where you can reach. If a friend is there to help it widens the area for optimal injection sites. Size does matter because some of the big boys have more areas to play with. A warmed up muscle with good circulation will absorb the Rx much better. If you have a sore spot it might be wise to change practice. I have had 40 years of ICU experience as a nurse. It is a whole different game when you are trying to give yourself the shot. I have been giving myself Test SQ because it is in a solution designed for that. No pain at all. Thanks guys for your ideas. I am collecting info that will work for me