1" pin or 1.5" pin for the glutes



What would be the difference between 1"pin and 1.5" pin for the glutes?

I’ve been using 1" to pin for a while now. Lately i been wondering if it would be better to get a deeper pin in by going with the 1.5".

Any Advice or Help On This Topic?


I’ve always used 1" with out any issues. I guess it really comes down to how much fat surrounds your glute. Are you having issues with the 1"?


It’s debatable, but the problems could include having the gear leak back out, and also if you don’t get it ALL THE WAY into the deep muscle tissue, it can wind up between the muscle sheath and the muscle, or worse on top of the muscle sheath and in the fat pad. If that happens, it will not absorb the same, and will often cause a lump and be sore .For me I have always used 1.5" ers for glutes and 1"ers everywhere else.


I’ve used 1.5 for years for thigh and glutes. 1” in my shoulders. Works well for me.


It’s always been a debate between these 2. I think it’s a couple of factors. How much body fat do you have and how does your ass react to different oils. It’s usually a personal preference. I use 27g 1-1/4" pins for glutes.


I feel the same . I have a small crew of guys i train with and 1 of my guys cant pin his glutes at all. They always knot . He uses half inch 29g slin pins all over his body. It also depends on how often you pin the area and how much oil you use imo of course .


1 inch 27g is ideal my brother .


I personally use 25g 1.5" in my legs because like to go deep. I use 25g 1" everywhere else.
Just personal preference if I accidentally grabbed a 1" I would just use it in my legs I actually did a subq pin in my leg yesterday and everything went fine


I use a 23g x 1” everywhere but only really pin in my thighs and glutes.


Well there is a huge difference that everyone here seems to be skipping over the obvious fact!!
The difference here is .5 inches lol. It doesn’t matter the length. I’ve pinned my glutes with 5/8 and it made no difference at all. Pin away buddy


.5" is the difference, just kidding, but…

My ass is so rock hard (no homo) 1" is fine. IF someone has a fat/flabber-ass, might need a longer pin.



I told ya brother. On cruise ill sub q my test and works perfect . I use half inch slin pin for tren A and mast a right now . Its been a GOD SEND. With all the injections i have 5 days a week it gets old fast, jabbing inch long pins into muscle.


I’ve been using 27g 1/2" pins for a few weeks now on my TRT dose. I hit delts, pecs and outside quads (vastus lateralis) with them and they are great


How does pinning pecs workout for you? I’ve always been wanting to try this route. Is there a diagram to follow by, or better yet where abouts in the pec do you inject?


I love pecs man. So easy to see, aspirate, etc. Really you want to try to go center of the pec. For me (and most people) that tends to be about 2" from the nipple left or right depending on what pec and about 1 and 3/4" up. So if it’s your left pec and you are looking down at your pec, you will go 2" to the right, then 1 and 3/4" up, like toward your collar bone. The pec takes a little time to get used to so don’t go balls out and hit it with 1.5ml lol. Start at about .5ml and work your way up. It will be sore like a chest day type of sore but you get used to it quick. I have used 1" 25g pins completely buried with no issue and 1.5ml without leakage. Also, theres some nerves in there that aren’t so pleasant if you hit them. Go easy and remember not to flex the muscle. If you need more meat to pin, you can cross your arm to sort of puff up the pec without flexing.


Awesome man, thank you! I’m gonna give this a go tomorrow. I have 27g 1/2 that I use in delts daily for my Tren so I’m really looking to rotate my pecs in to give my delts a little break. I’m only pinning .5 ml of oil so it really shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll let you know how this works out for me tomorrow morning. Thanks again brotha :facepunch:


Pecs and shoulders are the best for tren and prop . Only bc i use half inch slin and i inject everyday . Sucks asshole filling 3cc every other day lol


So I did the pec today fellas, .5 ml of Tren ,smooth as butter but I will admit it’s a little soar due to being a virgin muscle.


Congrats bro lol. It’s do easy and when you get used to it it’s smooth. And you can hold a good but of oil in there when the muscle is primed. I can do 1.5ml but I think that’s mac capacity


I try to do my injections after i workout . For some reason im less sore when i inject warm muscles