1" or 1.5" for glute injection


All right guys quick question. As we all know this isn’t my first cycle it’s my 4th however I haven’t done one in a little while and I got some good gear and got everything I needed to do my injections. I purchased inch-and-a-half needles this time. Which I normally don’t do. I have noticed since using the longer needles I’ve been getting a little bit of post-injection pain. And I’ve never had this happen before with 1 inch needles unless it was just like typical virgin ass. But just to make sure it wasn’t my gear I tried two different injection sites one on each gluet. Right now I’m running 1 cc of Tren ethanate 1 cc of Sustanon 350 and 1 cc of EQ 300 twice a week. The first injection I did on my right side I did two ccs in one syringe and then a cc in another synge. I didn’t get no post-injection pain on my right side except for where I did the EQ shot. So I told myself well okay when I do my next 3 cc’s I’ll do two in my left glute and then the CC of EQ in my right glute but even without the eq on the left I still have post-injection pain I know this is kind of long and drawn-out but my question is do you think I’m going to deep with the inch and a half. Also any help on dosing regiments would be much appreciated I feel like I might be running a little bit too much EQ and I tell you what this Tren I got is f****** fire you know it’s good when you get them sides instantly which I’m able to maintain I just hate not being able to sit on my ass any advice would help. Just a little side note I took a buddy’s advice on here the second go around and use the wax warmer to warm the vials I did notice a significant difference of how much smoother it went in however I still got that pip.


I would dose your eq minimum of 600 and 1.5” for your glute is fine. Make sure you’re not moving the needle a ton and are in upper outer spot.


I agree with the 600 EQ/ week, minimum. Am currently running EQ my self by 1st time at 400/week and I think is too low…well part of the process of learning.
I only inject in my glutes and I think the deeper the better, 1.5’ for me is better than shorter needle


I typically use 1.5" for glutes and for everything else 1". Definitely a minimum of 600 on eq


Thanks guys. You guys all kick ass it’s nice being able to some talk to some vets. I think it might just be a little minor case of the old virgin ass because I’m already starting to feel better I feel like the more I move around and the more I do the easier it gets I feel like if I sit around and try to lay down and baby it it just feels worse thanks for all your valuable insight. I will try keeping the needle a bit more still I noticed when I use my left hand I get a little shaky and tend to go in and out a bit. Once again thanks guys I’ll keep you updated.


Try shoulder injections. I’ve used 1.5 before in shoulder no problems.


Just wanted to add one thing. I’m very secretive about my steroid use because people are judgemental so I’d rather just not let them know my girlfriend knows and she’s not a super big fan of it but she loves the muscles and the King Kong sex drive. But I have to say the hardest part about hiding steroids is explaining to while your kids and your family while every time you sit down you look like you just got raped by a gorilla. LOL my son said Dad are you okay I said yes son why? He said you’re walking around like your butt really hurts did something happen then I told him I slipped and fell at work and my glute is kind of sore. I’m a drywall finisher in the Union not sure if he fell for it or not but I thought it was kind of funny, but I try to keep it away from my kids because I don’t want them getting it in their head that it’s okay to do things just because their dad does it .my oldest son’s 14 and I’m pretty sure he’s hip to my shenanigans based upon all the YouTube videos I watch and the apps on my phone in the magazines I read but we just kind of leave it at that. Just thought it was kind of funny and would like to share with you guys has anyone else had trouble hiding steroid use aside from the typical side effects that only a steroid user would know of?


I wouldn’t inject in my ass anymore if it hurt that bad.


Shoulder injections. You’re a brave man I’ll be honest I’ve always been curious about front loading and shoulder injections however I’ve heard a lot of War Stories. I had a buddy who front-loaded some test and deca and it was good year all sterile environment and he couldn’t walk for damn near a week and he had no swelling or no infection. I will admit I’m covered in tattoos however I’m not a big fan of sticking myself with a needle. Another reason I like to use my glutes is because my prior experiences with Hospital shots such as tetanus pain meds and what have you I always had a super sore arm after any kind of injection but if I do it in my glute no pain whatsoever. So I’m kind of chickenshit to step across that boundary but I think I will research that a little bit more and consider doing shoulder injections next week. If you could give me any more insight on your experiences what shoulder injections I would appreciate it. I’m definitely not a pussy and not afraid of trying new shit. I just like to do things in the most cautious way and do a lot of research before nose diving into the water. It’s nice having you guys around being able to discuss these issues because no one in my social life am I able to do that with. I would love to meet you guys all in person one day I feel like that would be the s***. We should start a annual underground muscle meet. That would be the s***.


I used to inject my calves, my shoulders, quads and glutes …Lately am okay just with the glutes . I also think that pip is alot of getting use to, cause the last 2 weeks i have been using TNE suspension as pre workout and i just got used to that little bait.


Shoulders to me are relatively painless. One thing about it you don’t have to sit on your shoulder. I pin biceps and triceps with a insulin needle.


Look up site injections. There use to be a chart. Don’t remember what I looked up to find all site injections. Someone on here probably knows. I have tattoos as well. I pin right through it.


1,.5’’ pins are perfect for your glutes and 1’ are usually gtg every where else depending on site. Brewers have all kinds of different formulas so the pain may be caused this particular brewer’s ratio of solvents .


you probably know this but i always heat the oils like you have and tip hot kettle of water over plastic part of syring i pinn a slow has i possibly tryin not to even move the pinn i even have a heat pack on hand and once i alcohol swabbed area i massage then heat pack on and massage again ,i know its long drawn but it works for me ,also if its a shoulders or arms day i pin shoulder.legs .do quads back cant reach lol .i also think its best to spread skin apart with thumb and forefinger and slowly pull pin out ,i just do everythin slow i think the main trauma is actually how hard and how you pull the pinn out .mixed with using short esters adds to it ,thats just my 2 cents how i do it ,ime sure theres many other ways which will suit you ,1 inch pin is ok if you go higher up or delts and quads 1.5 pinn ok in lower glute .with using inch pin on glute you need get through fat tissue preferably thats if you got a fat ass like my mrs


i pre load a slin pin .just 0.5 ml each side delt with test prop always tipping kettle of hot water over pre pinn then massage ,bit of swelling adds to shoulder width lol