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This doping scandal in the UFC caught my eye (8)
DNP lab taken down in the UK (5)
This is a big one (9)
Steroid Bust of cook for several well known labs (5)
If you need to know what to do- Legally (5)
Dillon John Williamson Arrested By US Marshals (2)
Not sure if anyone heard ( 2 ) (22)
Warning! and Analyzer are the SAME group (4)
Analyzer Busted (8)
Authorities investigating possible illegal steroid use by handful of Edison cops (7)
Former Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Steroid Distribution Charge (1)
Alpha Pharma (1)
Charges laid years after fentanyl, steroids seized in B.C. smuggling bust | (7)
Reddit Steroid Source Talk (r/SST) Banned- Mod busted (11)
Fucked up by a CA remailer (5)
Trying to identify a busted source shipping from Ukriane (9)
Musclehead320 Arrested and Charged with Selling Counterfiet Steroids- Oynx Pharmaceuticals Steroids (18)
Notice--- Asylum Labs Possible Bust. Working with feds turning on sources (7)
Roanoke College coach under investigation after steroid supplies found (1)
Scranton police sergeant disqualified from fitness competition for use of "anabolics" (4)
Popular DarkNet Site Alphabay Siezed- Programmer Commits Suicide in Custody (2)
Miami gym bust (1)
US swoop on secret 'steroids labs' with China links - BBC News (1)
2 charged after drugs seized from Fort McMurray home (1)
Topless waitress and gym junkie face court over 'steroids sting' (1)
Suspected dealer found with drugs, 'roids, gun - August 2016 (1)
Australia Report- Spike in arrests and seizures for illegal steroids- Aug 2016 (1)
2 in steroid bust plead guilty- July 16, 2016 (1)
Police bust local trainer for alleged steroid possession- January 2016 (1)
Australia Steroid Bust- Nov, 2015 (1)